Chairman: Cllr Colin Rowan

I live in Hough Green with my wife, Ruth. I have been a Hale Bank Parish Councillor since 2011 and Chairman since 2013. Before that I was a Ditton ward councillor for Halton Council from 2006-2010. I am a member of the Royal British Legion in Widnes and sit on the Liverpool Airport Consultative Committee. I am a retired police officer and also ex RAF. I have been on the National Association of Retired Police Officers Welfare committee since 2001.

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Deputy Chairman: Cllr Kieran Reed

I was born in Ditton and spent my childhood in and around Ditton and Hale Bank. I was elected to the Parish Council in May 2016. I'm passionate about housing and health, and committed to seeing the creation of employment for local people, brilliant education for children who attend Hale Bank school and keeping a fine balance between open green spaces, such as our Village Green, and development of appropriate new businesses in the village.


Cllr Ian Hastie

I moved into Hale Bank from south Lancashire in 1986, originally planning to move on further into Cheshire, but thirty years later I am still here.  The area is very convenient, with access to all main road ans rail services and there is still some green space left, which the Parish Council is trying to protect. I have been a Parish Councillor since 2012. I joined to help improve the quality of life for the residents with safer roads, cleaner air and to stop the area becoming a general dumping ground for all the nasties that Halton Council would seemingly like to bestow on our village. My other interests are gardening, museums, art galleries, country houses and fishing.

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Cllr John Anderton

I have lived in Hale Bank all my life and am proud to be part of such a close knit community, which I think is special to this area and should be protected at all costs. I joined the Parish Council in 2018 after becoming concerned the Hale Bank we all love was about to be lost with building on the greenbelt, increased pollution and more HGVs driving through the village. I am married with three children and want a healthy, happy environment for my family and all Hale Bank residents to live in. Our Parish Council has been in existence for ten years now and we need it to continue to stop Hale Bank changing beyond all recognition with more and more industry and plans to build executive houses all over the green fields.

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Cllr Kristina Harris

Cllr Harris joined the Parish Council in 2018, she is in full-time employment.

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